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Career Development Events (CDE) 

B.I.G. Team

Our Best Informed Greenhand team meets once a week Starting in January to April. This is a freshman only contest, where we study EVERYTHING FFA. We go over the past, present, and future of the FFA. If your interested, please reach out to Mr. McDermott for more information. 


Vet Science Team 

Our Veterinary Science team meets twice a week starting in January through April. This contest is for any student wanting to learn more about veterinary science and compete across the state. This team studies hands-on practicums, Parasite, breed and tool ID, and general Veterinary science information. Reach out to Ms. Adams for more information! 


Leadership Development Events (LDE)


The purpose of the Impromptu Public Speaking event is to foster and develop the speaking abilities of FFA members as well as develop their self-confidence and contribute to their advancement in inter-personal skill attainment and leadership development. The primary purpose of the event is to demonstrate the student’s ability with limited preparation time to compose and deliver coherent and focused oral presentations.

The Creed and El Credo 

The National FFA Creed Speaking Leadership Development Event (LDE) recognizes outstanding FFA members in seventh through ninth grades for their ability to present the National FFA Creed from memory and answer three questions related to it.

The FFA Creed outlines the organization’s values and beliefs regarding the industry of agriculture, FFA membership, and citizenship and patriotism. Students participating in the Creed Speaking LDE learn to communicate in a powerful, organized and professional manner and build self-confidence. 

The most recent add is the El Credo, the Creed in Spanish. This has been an amazing addition to the contest by allowing our students that excel in Spanish a chance to showcase their talents. 



Students participating in the Extemporaneous Public Speaking  Event showcase their agricultural knowledge and ability to think on their feet by giving a speech and answering questions with limited prep time. During this event, participants draw from 18 agricultural topics then select three of interest. From those three, a student selects the topic of their speech and has 30 minutes to prepare using five resources. Participants then present a four to six-minute speech on their topic to a panel of judges. After their speech, students answer five minutes worth of questions on the topic they just presented.


This contest is one of the most popular contests for our program! It introduces FFA members to parliamentary procedure as they learn how to conduct efficient meetings and build their communication skills. This LDE challenges a team of six students from one chapter to demonstrate correct use of FFA opening and closing ceremonies. Students will learn to communicate and participate effectively as a team while growing skills in effective decision making. Members assume various officer duties (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, reporter, sentinel and advisor) during the event presentation that is evaluated by a team of judges. Additionally, each participant is challenged by a written exam about officer duties, meeting room preparation and parliamentary procedure.

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